Corner Piece Pictures In an age of constant competition for eye balls and a sea of content designed to push people away from their humanity, Corner Piece Pictures is  dedicated to reflecting, not deflecting, the times in which we live. Focussing on expression, not impression. Holding up a mirror to provoke, to spotlight, but never judge. An independent Melbourne-based film production company specialising in short and long form drama. Corner Piece Pictures tells original, compelling and profoundly human stories.

MARK DIACO - Actor, Producer, Director

Mark is the co-founder of theatre companies HST (Human Sacrifice Theatre), The KIN Collective and film production company Corner Piece Pictures. Having lived and trained as an actor in New York for 3 years, Mark studied at various drama institutes and performed in an off-Broadway production of Sam Shephard’s True West. Upon returning to Melbourne Mark remounted the same production in 2006 as HST’s premiere production. HST went on to set a standard for high-end drama, showcasing thought provoking and hard edged performances. The company garnered critical acclaim with sold out seasons of David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize winning Glengarry Glen Ross, Stephen Aldy Guirgis’ courtroom drama The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and the stage classic One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

In 2012 Mark co-founded The KIN Collective with fellow actors Noni Hazlehurst, Marg Downey, Chris Bunsworth and Michala Banas featuring productions of Glimpse and The Leenane Trilogy at Fortyfivedownstairs. 

In 2013 Mark's production company Corner Piece Pictures produced its first short Half Way which he starred in, wrote and directed. His other film credits include leading and supporting roles in feature films Vessel, Crime & Punishment and Silent Night. Recent short film roles include The King is Dead, Limerence, Avoiding Brando and Click which he also wrote and directed. Mark's current slate includes co-directing and acting in the Corner Piece Pictures feature film The Door Man.



MA15 + I Drama
The Doorman

Doorman is a distinctly Melbourne story set in the gritty shadows of the city's nightlife with links to those seeking asylum in a country that has closed its doors.

Jack, a mysterious Melbourne nightclub doorman with a reputation for selecting the “right people”, finds himself in the crosshairs of a federal investigation after an illegal immigrant is found dead from an overdose. 

Directed by 

Running Time: Feature Film
Corner Piece Pictures © 2017


CLICK is the story of a punk rock DRUMMER (Diaco) on the verge of becoming a parent and his struggle to conform in the modern world.

When faced with a metronome he recalls a hidden dark memory that spirals him out of control. Deep down at the bottom of the barrel, he holds his hand up to the light for a glimmer of hope.

Written & Directed by Mark Diaco

Co-Director Karen McPherson
Mark Diaco
Faye Smythe

Sonny Beycher

Liza Meagher

Running Time: 11:33
Corner Piece Pictures © 2016

MA15 + I Drama, Thriller

Three years have passed since a guy from Melbourne and a girl from Sydney shared a fleeting encounter with one another.

Now, both in separate relationships and faced with the thought of "could have, should have, would have" they both seek each other out. Agreeing to split the distance, they make the journey to a neutral place far from either of their comfort zones.

Written & Directed by Mark Diaco

Mark Diaco
Mallory Jansen

Michala Banas

Running Time: 12:23
Corner Piece Pictures © 2016

MA15 + I Drama, Thriller


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