CLICK is the story of a punk rock DRUMMER (Mark Diaco) on the verge of becoming a parent and his struggle to conform to the world. When faced with a metronome he recalls a hidden dark past that spirals him downwards. Deep down at the bottom of the barrel, he holds his hand up to the light for a glimmer of hope.


Written / Produced / Directed by Dark Miaco (Mark Diaco)

Co-Directed by Karen McPherson


Mark Diaco / Drummer
Faye Smythe / Mother

Liza Meagher / Girlfriend

Sonny Beycher / Salesman

Liam Seymour / Father

Vincent Diaco / Kid Drummer

Produced by Mark Diaco, Karen McPherson, Paul Gavranich

Cinematography by Tim Metherall

Edited by Matt Goddard

Music by Nicholas Marks, Chris Toro, Frank Papalia

Sound by Dmitri Golovko
Corner Piece Pictures © 2017